As teachers, we want our students to learn to love books.  Think about when you read for pleasure.  Are you usually sitting in an upright, hard chair at a desk?  More than likely you aren't.  We are usually in a comfy chair or curled up on the couch or in bed!  So why not offer comfy spots for our kiddos to enjoy a good book, as well?  Here are some ideas for some good comfy reading!  If you have others, I'd love to hear all about them!  You can hit the email button and send me a reply!  I love to hear from other teachers!

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A designated "book nook" is an ideal place to curl up with a good book.  Provide lots of throw pillows on a carpeted area with bean bag chairs.  Don't forget to have a shelf of categorized books (by theme, reading level, genre, etc.)

Don't have room for a shelf?  No problem!  Utilize the wall in that area by putting up some rain gutters that you get at Home Depot or Lowe's.  It's the perfect solution when you have a small room or tight space!  Also if space is limited, buy some of the inexpensive patio chair cushions like these.  Put several hooks on the wall and hang them by the loops for easy access....just grab a cushion and go!

Do you have a rocking chair at home?  Bring that in and let it be a special seat for students to Rock and Read!   Video game chairs could work too.  If you have a big classroom, then you might want to bring in some comfy chairs and/or a loveseat.  

Who says reading has to be limited to the classroom.  When the weather is nice, go grab a seat under a tree and let the whole class enjoy some independent reading.  You might want to have an old quilt or two in your closet that you could pull out for days like this!

Big or small, any classroom can provide a cozy reading area for your kiddos!