Neuschwanstein Castle

Munich Germany

June 2019

Germany was the third, and final, European country we visited on our June 2019 vacation.  If you want to read in chronological order, go back to Paris, then Lucerne, then Munich.  This will fill you in on the progression of our trip.

So, we arrived in Munich, on time, by train to find that our driver was nowhere in sight.  After a couple of calls, we sought out and found the taxis and headed on to our hotel.  Out of the three hotels we had stayed in, this was the only one with AC!!!  The others had balconies and fans. 

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We got settled into our room, and then went for dinner at the hotel restaurant.  It was delicious!  After heading back to our room, we discussed the next day's itinerary and called it a night pretty early. Neither my bestie nor I could predict he next day...AT.ALL.

So when we awoke the following morning, ready to go to the long-awaited-trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, I was in shock when my bestie said she could not go!  By now, her whatever-illness-she-had-been-fighting was at an all time high!  She was over the top sick!  I begged her to let me call her doctor back in the states...she refused!  I was very persistent but she can be even more! She said I MUST make this trip on my own.  NO WAY!  Not only was I NOT going to leave her....I was NOT going off around and beyond Munich On.My.Own.  She really knows how to play my heartstrings!  She said she would sit and cry the rest of the day if I didn't.  Now...she is not a crier, so for her to say this, I knew that she meant it!  But HOW could I do this alone?  SHE was the well-traveled one!  So with MUCH reservation, and MUCH insecurity, I headed to the subway in Munich, GERMANY....ALONE!   

Once I got help getting on the subway in the right direction, I actually made it there with no problem.  Once, I arrived at the station I found my place for check in.  The bus ride to the castle was close to a two hour trip.  Our tour guides were amazing and so funny!  They told stories and had us singing all the way there.  They stayed with us through the whole castle tour. I even made some American friends that I stuck with throughout the tour.

Once we arrived, we had some time to tour the grounds, eat some lunch, and shop a little before we took the steep ride up to the castle....well, almost to the castle.  The bus let us out at the bridge, which was amazing in itself, then we hiked up the rest of the way. 

On the way back down, we walked...oh my!  What a trek down it was!!!

So, here are my pics from the bridge and outside the castle. 

We were not allowed to take photos or video inside.  :( 

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Marienplatz is a central square in the city center of Munich. It has been the city's main square since 1158.  Here you will find a lot of shopping, great Bavarian cuisine, and the gorgeous Rathaus-Glockenspiel.  The clock chimes at 11 and midday each day, and at 5:00 p.m. between March and October. The "show" that depicts a royal wedding, jousting tournament, and ritualistic dance lasts about 15 min.  It is a MUST SEE when in Munich!